The President of the Senate Proves to be Part of the Coup in Brazil

Source: Sputnik / The Dawn News / May 10, 2016

The decision of the President of the Brazilian Senate, Renan Calheiros, to continue the process of “impeachment” is a sign of his association with the “coup” that currently underway in the country, argues the coordinator of the Homeless Workers’ Movement (MTST), Guilherme Boulos, in an interview with Sputnik Novosti.

On Monday, the interim President of the Chamber of Deputies, Waldir Maranhao, announced the annulment of the April 17 vote in which 367 of the 513 deputies of Brazil’s lower house decided to give way to the process against President of the Republic, Dilma Rousseff, so that it could be voted in the Senate where, if approved, she would be set aside for 180 days, effective on Wednesday.

“Renan Calherios has proved to be another piece of this coup, along with Vice President Michel Temer and the corrupt Eduardo Cunha. They may have their silent disputes over how to divide up the spoils. Certainly, Calheiros has a Ministerial seat waiting for him”, affirmed Boulos, main leader of one of the most important urban movements in Brazil.

The coordinator of the MTST also said that “Maranhao’s decision just accepted that the process was illegitimate” for many reasons, amongst them ”because it was directed from the beginning by the corrupt Eduardo Cunha”, former President of the Chamber of Deputies who was set aside by the Federal Supreme Court last Thursday due to a case of corruption, and who “coordinated the coup according to his intentions”.

Many say that Maranhao has caused an institutional crisis in Brazil because he caused a confrontation between the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. I say that this crisis started when they let a corrupt official direct a coup against a President who is innocent and who was democratically elected. The MTST will answer on the streets, we won’t let right-wing coupists take over the country”, he stated.

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According to Boulos, leader of one of the social movements that are close the Worker’s Party, next Thursday the struggle will begin “no matter what happens in the Senate”, given that, according to him, “the fight for democracy will be on the streets and the MTST will defend the legacy of democracy to all the working people”.

“Next Thursday we will take to the streets of Brazil with the movement Povo Sem Medo [A people without fear]. Our goal is clear: we will stop the advance of the political and economical program that could be the most daring and aggressive against the rights of workers in the history of the Brazilian democracy”, Boulos finished, referring to the plans that Temer has announced for his hypothetical Government.

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