Organizations across the globe condemn Moroccan aggression in Western Sahara

The Moroccan military launched an attack on the Sahrawi village of El-Guerguerat on November 13, violating a three-decade-old ceasefire in the disputed Western Sahara region

November 17, 2020
Photo: Instituto Simón Bolívar

Progressive groups from across the world have expressed their solidarity with people of Western Sahara in the wake of Morocco’s aggression and breach of three-decade long ceasefire agreement on November 13. The organizations have condemned Moroccan aggression and called the international community to intervene to resolve the issue.

On Monday, November 16, Venezuelan social movements gathered in the center of the capital Caracas to express their solidarity with the Sahrawi people and their cause and denounce Moroccan aggression. The demonstrators demanded that the UN should intervene in a more decisive way in the region.

Grace Initiative Global in Vermont, US denounced Moroccan aggression in the demilitarized zone in El-Guerguerat and urged the international community to renew its efforts to resolve the conflict in the Western Sahara with focus on safeguarding the right to self-determination of the people of the region.

On Saturday, November 13, the Canarian Association of Solidarity with the Sahrawi people called for a demonstration in the Canary Islands of Spain before the Moroccan consulate in Gran Canaria to protest against the Moroccan military’s aggression against the Sahrawi people. Cadres of the Communist Party of the People of Canary (PCPC) also participated in the demonstration and expressed solidarity with the Sahrawi people.

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The PCPC stated, “the Canary people actively support the Saharan people in the struggle for self-determination and independence. And the Canary People’s Communist Party…stands tall and firm in its commitment to our brotherly Saharawi people.”

The Algerian National Committee of Solidarity with the Sahrawi People (CNASPS) dubbed Moroccan aggression as “vile and full of hatred”. It called the UN security council to intervene to end the remilitarization of the region, Sahara Press Services reported.

Several other organizations such as, the French Association of SADR’s Friends (AARASD), European parliamentary inter-group “Peace for Sahrawi people” and Belgian Committee of support to the Sahrawi People among others also issued similar statements for solidarity and demanded international intervention to curb the Moroccan aggression.

Moroccan aggression continues

The Moroccan military on Saturday launched an attack at Guerguerat village in the partially recognized Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) when local people were demonstrating against decades-long Moroccan occupation. SADR authorities denounced the Moroccan aggression and declared an end of their commitment to the ceasefire agreement with Morocco the next day. They alleged that Morocco has violated the three-decade-old ceasefire in place in the disputed Western Sahara region since 1991.

SADR is a partially recognized state on the western coast of Africa and the former Spanish colony of Western Sahara. Following the withdrawal of Spain from the region in 1975, the Sahrawi liberation movement called the Polisario Front proclaimed the creation of SADR in 1976. The western part of this region is currently under the territorial control of Morocco. Sections within Western Sahara, under the leadership of Polisario Front, have been fighting to end the Moroccan occupation of the region.

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On Monday, Moroccan forces raided several houses in the occupied El-Aaiun area of Western Sahara to arrest people who expressed their solidarity with the Sahrawi people and supported their demand for independence. The Moroccan forces also arrested some journalists covering its aggression

In the wake of the new Moroccan aggression, Polisario Front has demanded immediate UN intervention to control the invasive troops. It has also demanded a clear pronouncement in favor of holding a self-determination referendum in the region on an urgent basis.

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