Now Eurovision. Is there any western institution not controlled by Israel?

Activists censure Netta’s ‘cultural appropriation,’ cover for ‘apartheid’

BDS-affiliated Twitter users promise ‘big campaign’ against next year’s Eurovision in Jerusalem; others decry ‘racism’ of Asian motifs; J.K. Rowling praises ‘worthy winner’

12 May, 2018

While Israelis were celebrating Netta Barzilai’s win in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest early Sunday, many social media users were decrying the “cultural appropriation” of East Asian culture in her performance, while others criticized Israel for its policies and Europeans for voting for the Jewish state’s entry.

“How can Eurovision celebrate diversity and inclusion when steps away Palestinians are getting shot in the head? Eurovision is about to get very ugly,” one user tweeted.

Meanwhile, there was criticism in Israel over reported orders to the Eurovision hosts not to mention Jerusalem during the voting process.


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