New Israeli attacks against Corbyn. He is an obstacle to the Iran War

Netanyahu slams Corbyn for honoring Munich terrorists, comparing Israel to Nazis

Prime minister calls for ‘unequivocal condemnation’ of the UK opposition leader ‘from everyone – left, right and everything in between’

13 August 2018

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday slammed the head of the UK Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn, after recent revelations that he had attended a ceremony to honor the terrorists behind the 1972 Munich Olympic massacre and had compared Israeli military rule in the West Bank to the Nazi occupation of European countries during World War II.

“The laying of a wreath by Jeremy Corbyn on the graves of the terrorist who perpetrated the Munich massacre and his comparison of Israel to the Nazis deserves unequivocal condemnation from everyone – left, right and everything in between,” Netanyahu said.

Corbyn hit back, denying the accusations and condemning Israel’s actions on the Gaza border.


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