‘Never forget what they did here’: Snowden vents dismay at EU copyright reform

26 Mar, 2019

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has decried the EU’s decision to pass highly controversial copyright reform in a move that critics argue clamps down on free speech.

Shortly after the European Parliament voted to adopt Article 13 on Tuesday, Snowden, who currently resides in Russia, tweeted his disgust at the decision to pass a directive that will shift responsibility onto web platforms to enforce copyright law more stringently.

Tweeting in German, Snowden took aim at Germany’s ruling CDU/CSU alliance, urging people to punish the parties at the ballot box.

“Never forget what they did here. Since @CDU_CSU_EP voted for never more internet freedom, the internet must never vote for more @CDU_CSU_EP. #nieMehrCDU,” he wrote.

The US government fugitive also took the opportunity to aim a barb at the EU for standing by the US and effectively exiling the whistleblower.

For the most part, Snowden received widespread support for his criticism of Germany’s ruling parties, which despite at least alluding to an attempt at postponing the Article 13 vote, failed to prevent it from passing.

Article 13 has faced severe criticism since it was first proposed by the European Commission two years ago and sparked major, last-minute protests across Germany in the days prior to the final vote.

Critics allege that MEPs declined to reconsider the proposed legislation and effectively rubber-stamped new rules which will have far-reaching consequences for content producers and average citizens of the EU alike.

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