MOVE: Delbert AFRICA released!

After 42 years of incarceration DELBERT AFRICA (73) was finally released Saturday, January 18. MOVE our friends and daughter went to greet his release.

Upon its release, Delbert said: “We have suffered the worst system we can inflict, decades of imprisonment and the loss of loved ones. But with pride we are still here. ” For its part, released a few months before him, Janine Africa said: “I am so happy to have my brother at home” in the cozy Saturday night in Philadelphia.

After Debbie, Mike Sr., Janet, Janine and Eddie, Delbert is the 6th sentenced to regain his freedom. Two died in prison (Phil Merle and Africa). Chuck Africa is the last of the MOVE family still behind bareaux hoped his release in the coming weeks.

What a terrible and painful history for those women and men deprived of their liberty and their families for more than 40 years after being collectively condemned for a murder they always denied committing the murder which was never identified. To learn more, click on this link .

Mumia Abu-Jamal, as a journalist, has always denounced the brutal repression suffered by the Move they consider members of his spiritual family, that these were useful to him taking his defense upon arrest and his death sentence.

For its part, the French collective “Free MUMIA” supports since many years fighting for this family by making regular visits to its members in prison. He is pleased to have contributed to this victory against injustice and demands that the last of them still detained be released immediately. FREE CHUCK AFRICA!

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