Motives for decisions of the “Сollective West” and realities

The way the so-called democratic media resources present to the world community the processes that are taking place on the territory of Ukraine and around this state, I think, fully demonstrates the degree of their undemocratic nature, controllability by the decision-making centers of ultra-liberal financial globalism. The world has witnessed an unprecedented, total distortion of the real picture of events that took place not hundreds of years ago, but literally today. It is also obvious that the formation of large zombie groups of people around the world who sincerely believe that the “bloody Putin regime” is trying to destroy the “island of democracy and development”, which allegedly made a civilizational choice in favor of the triumph of the ideals of the export model of Anglo-Saxon democracy, the essence of which they have fully tasted the peoples of those countries who are familiar firsthand with such “democracy”. True, the question arises: why did those media resources that shout about the violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine remain silent, pretend not to notice when the United States violated the territorial integrity of Iraq, Serbia, when a no-fly zone was introduced over the territory of sovereign Libya, which led to a military coup, to civil war and to a national catastrophe in this state.

I want to note that the point of view that I am trying to present is, I think, “unfashionable” or, as they often say today, “non-mainstream”, but those who strive for an objective analysis will understand that it is this view of the development of events that sheds light on many processes, which take place, in particular, on the territory of Ukraine and around it.

So, in order…

After the collapse of the USSR, the “collective West” began to carry out powerful systemic work to form an anti-Russian elite in the post-Soviet countries. And Ukraine was methodically turning, I think, into perhaps the main anti-Russian project near the borders of Russia. Under these conditions, especially after the first “Ukrainian Maidan”, the Russian leadership staked on the idea of ​​strengthening relations with Germany by turning Germany into a powerful energy hub and positioning the subjectivity of this country for the first time after the Second World War. It can be noted that the idea of ​​strengthening and developing large-scale cooperation between Russia and Germany carried constructive and mutual dividends. For Russia, Germany would become a solvent export market and, at the same time, there would be an opportunity to conduct a dialogue with a potentially independent powerful player in the international arena, which could lead to the loss of the solidity of the “collective West”. And of course, by developing cooperation with Germany, Moscow could count on importing technologies that are so necessary for the Russian economy. For Germany, the advantages of such prospects, I think, would certainly be no less. Firstly, for the first time after the Second World War, I think it would acquire a full-fledged political subjectivity, having the opportunity to become one of the decision-making centers, especially in the context of trends towards the regionalization of world politics and the economy. Well, we should not forget that the availability of Russian resources is the cornerstone for the real sector of the German economy as a whole.

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It must be said that in certain circles of the German elite there was an awareness of the constructiveness of such an approach. However, the Anglo-Saxons, who, in my opinion, have traditionally almost the main direction of the foreign policy vector to prevent the strengthening of cooperation between Russia and Germany and who are the decision-making centers of the “collective West”, had other plans. “Second Ukrainian Maidan”, as I believe, with an obvious anti-constitutional coup in 2014, left Russia no choice. Therefore, in reality, this entire Ukrainian case, despite the screams, screams and hysteria of the so-called democratic media resources, as well as “democratically minded experts” from different countries, was staged, in my deep conviction, not by Russia! After all, it was not Russia that brought frenzied anti-Russian forces to power in Kyiv in an unconstitutional way! To put up with such an aggressive anti-Russian Ukraine, whose policy imperative was an anti-Russian principle and a peremptory desire to join NATO, with Western pumping of weapons, I believe, Russia simply could not. As a result, the Anglo-Saxons and the financial international (finintern) led by them received an amazing opportunity to solve their most important economic and geopolitical tasks. Firstly, through what I believe to be a fully controlled Kyiv government, to lead Ukraine to a self-destructive war with Russia, thus weakening Russia as much as possible, supplying vast quantities of weapons to the Ukrainian side. Secondly, to deal a stunning blow to the competitiveness of the German economy, breaking the extremely important umbilical cord that fed it with the resource potential from Russia, without which the degradation of German industry and the transformation of the German market into a place for selling American products seems inevitable. In this context, I think the change of the ruling elite in Germany and the departure of German Chancellor Angela Merkel is very significant and indicative. And this happened just before the armed conflict on the territory of Ukraine.

The Fintern, I think, is that segment of the Western elite that rules in the United States and the British Kingdom with unlimited access to the issuance of the main world reserve currency, the US dollar, which led to the control of that elite over the financial sector of the world economy, which is hypertrophied thanks to it.

Well, now let’s make an excursion into geography …..

One of the most high-profile events of the beginning of 2020, an eventful year, was the daring assassination of Iranian General Soleimani in Iraq. In my opinion, we need to think about how this event is connected with the processes taking place in the global economy. Let’s not forget that trends in the world economy ultimately have a serious impact on what is happening in the world in the military-political plane.

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I would like to dwell on the fact that, according to the version that, in my opinion, deserves attention, General Soleimani was at the epicenter of complex events taking place on the world energy map, in particular, processes related to the implementation of the Nord Stream 1 and Nord stream-2″. Projects, the obstruction of which has become one of the most important tasks in the US foreign economic policy of the last decades, which became apparent in the current year, 2022. The fact is that the implementation of the second line of the Nord Stream would mean the possibility of a turning point in the entire configuration of international relations. Since, for the first time after the Second World War, the country with the leading economy in Europe, Germany, in the case of implementing ideas with Nord Stream, in my opinion, could position itself as an independent European center for making the most important decisions on all issues of the economic and political agenda, in including in terms of building relations with Russia. Which, of course, could not but disturb the overseas partners, who in recent years have been trying with all their capabilities to torpedo the Nord Streams.

I believe it would be appropriate to note that in the Persian Gulf there is a giant gas field between Qatar and Iran “Pars”, where Qatar has long begun to work without a neighbor subject to years of sanctions. Thus, in 2010, Qatar agreed with a consortium of European gas corporations to lay the world’s largest gas pipeline with a capacity of 110 billion cubic meters of gas per year through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Turkey. Naturally, this project received strong support from the United States, since it was in fact the only possible option for ridding Europe of its critical dependence on Russian gas.

Further developments were expected. A civil war broke out in Syria. B. Assad could not resist for a long time and everything went to a sad ending for him.

At the same time, a decision was made on military intervention in the situation in Syria by the Russian Federation. As a result, on September 30, 2015, the Russian army, on an absolutely legal basis, entered Syria at the invitation of the official authorities of this country.

If the “Qatari” pipeline project were implemented, this would lead to a significant weakening of Russia’s positions both from an economic and political point of view. Because the pipeline from Qatar could become almost the only sustainable real competitor of Russian gas in Europe for the next decades. When approaching the issue from this prism, one can at least seriously think about the fact that the assassination of an Iranian general that took place at the beginning of 2020 near Baghdad airport, which did a lot to hinder the implementation of Anglo-Saxon plans in the region, is connected with significant processes taking place in the global economy. In my opinion, it is no coincidence that later, this year, the attacks on Nord Stream from across the ocean reached their climax, and in the fall of this year, Nord Stream 1 ceased to function after the accident. As for the Nord Stream 2 project, it was never put into operation.

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Along with this, according to various sources, serious pressure was put on the leadership of Germany through, among other things, “pro-American mouthpieces” in order to force the government of this country to abandon Nord Stream 2, which, in my opinion, will lead to the elimination of even attempts to position Germany as a powerful center for the development of the real sector of the economy. On the contrary, a certain consolidation of the efforts of Germany, Russia and China would actually mean forcing the end of the world domination of the United States both in the economic and political plane.

In this regard, I think that there is every reason to assume that the same centers have been, are and will be made obvious attempts to quarrel Baku with Moscow, “information stuffing” is being carried out with absolutely, in my opinion, unnecessary and, moreover, harmful to our country with ideas. I am sure that our country should not be a participant in these “dirty scenarios”, which, I believe, are unfolding according to the scenarios of the global financial international, which is desperately trying to maintain its losing positions in the world. I believe that it was the ultra-liberal Western elites, who established the aforementioned fintern, who, through the forces that, with their decisive support, came to power in Armenia, provoked tension in the Caucasus, the main goal of which was to push Azerbaijan against Russia and form an image in Azerbaijani society for decades to come. Russia as an aggressor, thereby facilitate Russia’s withdrawal from the South Caucasus, turning it into a platform of permanent instability along the way. This would lead to its positioning as a region with a degrading economy and political instability. At the same time, it is gratifying to note that, at least for now, Azerbaijan and Russia, despite provocations and pressure, maintain their position based on the priority of protecting their national interests, which, in my opinion, certainly presuppose the format of stable allied relations between Russia and Azerbaijan!

Doctor of Economic Sciences,
Elshad Mammadov

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