Loach on SYRIZA

The cinema director and known personality of British Left Ken Loach had this to say about Greek and European Left speaking to the Greek newspaper Efimerida ton Syntakton on 16.5.2016:

“There are people who feel that European socialism is being betrayed by reality”, he explained. “It depends what they understand as reality. If they mean the triumph of monopolistic capitalism that generates poverty and despair, I would question whether it is an inevitable result. If it is indeed inevitable, then we are living the end of the world.

People who are now in positions of power – the ones we call “reality” – are our deadly enemies, if we want to live and if we want our grandhildren to live.

So the question is how to fight back. The people of Greece decided to fight back, the rulers in Brussels or Strasbourg said “we will ensure that you will be punished for your independent thinking.” And unfortunately the Greek Left crashed. It was not supported by the rest of the European Left, it was not strong enough, it did not have strong enough principles and let itself go…