Lapavitsas, Varoufakis and the suffering of the Greek people

Kostas Lapavitsas is a Greek economist working in the SOAS, the British University specialized in the old “colonies”. During the whole Greek crisis he became known for his focusing on the participation of Greece into the Eurozone, as the main if not the only reason of the Greek debt crisis. He was also known for proposing the exit of Greece from the Eurozone as the only remedy to its crisis.

In the past Varoufakis has argued strongly with Lapavitsas, describing a “Grexit” as – nearly – a return of Greece to the “Stone Age”. (By the way he undermined the Greek negotiating position by adopitng such a position and also by excluding from the bery beginning any loan from Russia under any circumstances).

In the article that follows Lapavitsas has writeen a devastating critique of Varoufakis, underlining his enormous responsibilities in the huge defeat of the Greek people and puting in doubt even the relationship of Varoufakis with any notion of Left.

But, as the Greek elections approached, Lapavitsas and Varoufakis decided to unite their fate. And Varoufakis, who was once telling that Greece will return to the Stone Age if it left the eurozone, now he says that it it better not to do it, but if you do it it’s not a big deal! Without bothering to explain to the poor people why he adopted the first position and why he is adopting now the exact opposite.

Their country was destroyed, but both of them seem to go on happy with their careers and they continue to say whatever it takes to go on!

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