Labour to focus on Brexit-backing voters in final fortnight

New strategy of appealing to leavers in Midlands and north as poll predicts Tory majority

Nov. 28, 2019

Jeremy Corbyn has attempted to play down Labour’s general election strategy shake-up for the last two weeks of the campaign as the party pivots towards trying to save vulnerable heartlands in the north and Midlands.

The Labour party leader insisted he would take the same anti-austerity message to all parts of the country at his “plan for nature” launch in Southampton. Yet, behind the scenes, strategists are instigating a switch from going after Tory marginals to consolidating seats they already hold and trying to win back leave voters.

The party suffered a bruising result in the YouGov MRP poll, which put Labour on just 211 seats, its lowest since 1983.

“Our campaign is in every part of the country. I am travelling all around the country. I say the same thing at every place I go. I don’t have one message for one group,” Corbyn said, addressing questions that his campaign is about to change course.


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