Italian migrant hotspot on the brink of collapse after nearly a thousand migrants disembark

By Alessio Dellanna

Authorities on the Italian Mediterranean island of Lampedusa are calling for urgent help after mass migrant arrivals over the weekend pushed its hotspots to the brink of collapse.

“Lampedusa is no longer able to cope with this situation,” mayor Totò Martello told Italian news agency ANSA.

“Either the government takes immediate decisions or the whole island will go on strike. We cannot manage the emergency and the situation is now really unsustainable,” he said.

Around 370 migrants disembarked on Saturday night on the southern Italian island.

Their boat was spotted off the coast by the Italian Coastguard and was at risk of sinking due to strong winds.

The migrants, whose nationality is not yet known, disembarked in small groups before undergoing coronavirus tests and being transferred to a reception centre.