Israeli extremists angry with Biden

The US Is Undermining the Abraham Accords

By Dr. Doron Matza
July 25, 2021

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: In contrast to the Trump administration’s tough stance on Iran, President Joe Biden’s willingness to negotiate with and reach a weak agreement with Iran undermines the strategic rationale for the normalization agreements between Israel and the Gulf states.

Official announcements from Washington herald the reduction of the US military presence in the Middle East. This reduction will include air defense in outposts in Saudi Arabia dealing with the Houthi problem in Yemen. This is not shocking news. For President Joe Biden, US foreign policy priorities are now focused primarily on China and much less on the Middle East (or Russia).

This is the reason for the administration’s clear lack of interest in the Middle East, and why Biden has so far shown no extraordinary eagerness to recreate the Obama administration’s first term and get deeply involved in the complex swamp of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Democratic progressives in Washington who wanted to press their views on the Israeli election and the West Bank territories retreated after realizing that the administration is not enthusiastic about such matters at present.

It is unclear whether the trend of non-involvement in the Palestinian issue will continue. It is quite possible that the political change in Israel will encourage Biden’s people to jump in and try what has failed time and time again.

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