Israel is imposing its Iran policy on the US and the US on Europe

Netanyahu hails ‘historic’ Iran sanctions, says his fight against world paid off

5 November 2018

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday praised US President Donald Trump’s “courageous, determined and important decision” to reinstate all US sanctions on Iran that had been lifted under the 2015 nuclear deal, saying the move was a direct result of his own efforts against the deal.
“​For many years I ​have devoted my time and energy to the war against the Iranian threat. ​On this issue I went ​up ​almost against the whole world. Today we see the results of this long and ongoing struggle​,” Netanyahu said at the opening of his Likud faction meeting in the Knesset.

US escalates illegal economic war on the people of Iran

By Keith Jones
6 November 2018

Washington launched the second and far more punishing phase of its illegal, unilateral economic sanctions against Iran yesterday.
The new sanctions explicitly target more than 700 entities—banks, companies, the entire fleet of state-owned Iran Air, and various officials and businessmen. They are meant to choke off all of Iran’s energy exports and freeze Iran out of the world banking system, so as to crash its economy. Shipping, ship-building and the ship-insurance industry are also targeted.
At the beginning of August, three months after American President Donald Trump had reneged on Washington’s commitment to the 2015 Iran nuclear accord and insisted Iran submit to a new “made in the USA” agreement, the US imposed sanctions on Iran’s auto sector and its trade in gold and base metals vital for industrial production and its acquisition of dollars.

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Bolton: More Sanctions Against Iran Are Coming

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On Monday, the US completed the reimposition of all US sanctions against Iran which had been relaxed under the P5+1 nuclear deal. President Trump withdrew the US from the deal in May, and there was a six month window after the announcement before sanctions could be resumed.
According to national security adviser John Bolton, this is only the beginning. During a Monday interview with Fox Business, Bolton insisted that the administration plans to “even go beyond this,” and that more sanctions are coming.



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