Israel and Iran Warn They Are Within One Another’s Attack Range As Tensions Involving U.S. escalate

By Tom O’Connor

Israel and Iran have recently swapped threats reminding one another that they were within one another’s range of attack.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who also serves as the country’s defense minister, visited Nevatim Air Force base Tuesday alongside his chief of staff Lieutenant-General Aviv Kochavi, air force commander Major General Amikam Norkin and other top air force officials. During the trip, he stopped by a squadron of U.S.-built, domestically-modified F-35s, known as Adir, and touted their capabilities.

“I am on an impressive tour of the air force base. I see all of our weapons systems and planes. Here behind me is the ‘Adir’, the F-35,” Netanyahu said. “Recently, Iran has been threatening the destruction of Israel. It would do well to remember that these planes can reach anywhere in the Middle East, including Iran and certainly Syria.”

Israel has conducted hundreds of attacks against targets allegedly associated with Iran in Syria as part of a once-secretive campaign that Netanyahu has increasingly opened up about in the past year. His latest warning to the Islamic Republic came as Israel’s only major ally, the United States, and its arch-foe, Iran, exchanged hostile rhetoric of their own and threatened to launch a conflict into which Israel would very like be drawn.