Is Germany a democracy?

Germany temporarily bans pro-Palestine protests in Berlin

Apr. 30, 2022
Authorities in the German capital Berlin have banned all pro-Palestine protests until 2 May, alleging that some protesters have made antisemitic remarks.
A protest in support of Palestinians was scheduled to take place in Berlin yesterday – titled ‘protest against Israeli aggression in Jerusalem’ – but was cancelled by the city’s police over “unacceptable antisemitism” at another protest last week, in which several of the protesters made alleged antisemitic statements.
“Based on experiences from the recent past,” police officials said, there is “the immediate danger” that such events could happen during pro-Palestinians protests again. Berlin’s Interior Minister Iris Spranger also stated earlier this week that “We had to witness criminal acts, antisemitic slogans, and exclamations of the worst kind”, adding that it “is totally unacceptable.”
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In Germany, burning the Israeli flag is a problem, but killing Palestinians isn’t

Jul 6, 2022
Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Idan Roll met with the German Ambassador, Susanne Wasum-Rainer, on Monday along with visiting German parliamentarians. Roll thanked the German guests for their country’s strong support for Israel during its major military offensive against the Palestinians in Gaza from 10-21 May.
Germany’s unlimited support and cooperation make it a special friend of Israel. Among EU members it is the second-biggest supplier of weapons to the occupation state. Between 2009 and 2020, 24 per cent of Israel’s arms imports came from Germany.
When Israel treats international law, human rights, democratic principles, and liberal beliefs with contempt, Germany automatically takes its side, even when the result is the killing of innocent children and women. During the latest Israeli offensive, Germany supported Israel’s “right to defend itself” although it was killing civilians and destroying civilian buildings and infrastructure. The fact that an occupying state has no right to claim “self-defence” against the people under occupation was ignored by the Germans.
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