Iranian drills with Russia and China, US bomb “Iranian targets” in Iraq and Syria

‘Americans have to leave the region’: Iran says 1st joint drills with China & Russia send a message to US

29 Dec, 2019
Tehran’s joint naval drills with Moscow and Beijing are sending a bold message to Washington and its allies to keep out its “undesirable security arrangements,” Iran’s naval forces commander stated.
“The era of inroads by the Americans in the region has ended and they have to gradually leave the region,” Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi proclaimed, as cited by local media.
The trilateral naval exercise is being held to “boost security in the region.” But aside from that, it has sent “a highly significant message” to the US “and their sidekicks,” the top officer added.
Previously, Iran bluntly warned those interested in gathering intelligence to keep clear from the drills. Its navy was instructed to target “whatever spying craft in the war game zone, be it watercraft or aircraft.”

US Aircraft Bombs Base of Iranian-Backed Forces in Iraq

29 December 2019
The U.S. military carried out a new attack against the Iranian-backed forces in Iraq’s Al-Anbar province, the Popular Mobilization Forces announced on Sunday.
In a statement via their official Twitter account, the Popular Mobilization Forces said, “U.S. planes bombed sites belonging to the Popular Mobilization Forces in western Al-Anbar.”
The Pentagon has since confirmed the strikes as well, claiming that the “U.S. airstrikes targeted Iran-backed proxy force Kata’eb Hezbollah’s facilities in Iraq and Syria after an American defense contractor was killed in a rocket attack on Friday.”
Local reporters in the Al-Anbar province claimed that the U.S. attack resulted in several casualties for the Kata’eb Hezbollah forces, but no further details were released.

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