International observers see no fraud in ‘historic’ US vote

By Laura Sanders
Nov. 10, 2020

International observers from the Organization of American States have said in a preliminary report that they saw no instances of fraud or voting irregularities in the U.S. presidential election.

The delegation included 28 experts and observers from 13 countries who studied the election process in Georgia, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan and the District of Columbia. COVID-19 prevented a broader coalition of experts.

The OAS said election day was peaceful, although there were efforts to intimidate poll workers as the votes were counted, and that the country’s mail-in ballots were a secure system.

The report notes that due to COVID-19, mail-in votes and early votes combined accounted for over one-hundred million ballots ahead of election day.

The report says the OAS supports “the right of all contesting parties in an election, to seek redress before the competent legal authorities when they believe they have been wronged.”