How the “Empire” is destroying Syria, fuels terrorism and uses all that to destroy European democracy!

Among the “ocean” of revelations about the close contacts between “Islamic terrorism” on the one hand and the secret services of western powers and pro-western states on the other, we found of particular interest the following article published in the New York Times . As a result of these interventions we have the unbelievable destruction of this, once prosperous, country, as it is presented by the same newspaper (
After helping with all means the emergence of the “Islamic monster”, the same forces, which are not but the neoconservative “imperial nucleus” controlling much of the US government machine and the foreign policy of European states like France, then they are using their product to provoke a massive shift towards the demand for an authoritarian solution of the European crisis. They need such authoritarianism for their economic and social agenda and they use the refugee crisis and terrorist threats to provoke it and justify it.
West ‘ignored Russian offer in 2012 to have Syria’s Assad step aside’