Hillary: In Other Words, More Camouflage, by Giulietto Chiesa

This could be the second biggest collective camouflage operation ever seen in the history of the so-called modern democratic world. The first was the Black president. An absolute first, naturally, in America. It was a successful experiment. It worked. In this show-biz-oriented society, it was a good idea to have a joking, smiling leader of colour, in this specific instance, black.

It was necessary to get rid of the idea of a bungling, inept president who spoke of speaking with God every morning, and who waged bloody wars, losing them all but hoisting himself up with the banner over mountains of cadavers. Written on the banner was “Mission Accomplished”. Let’s take a look at which mission he accomplished now, after eight years of a Black, pacifistic president, so pacifistic that he garnered the Nobel Peace Prize before sponsoring two more wars no less bloody than those of his White predecessor.

This time, while the empire was struggling within with opposition factions, (this is what the present dominant factions thought), more camouflage was needed to hide the cracks.  They needed another “find”, another worldwide “first”. Following the first Black president, the first woman president. The first, naturally, in America. We know that the world is full of Black presidents, but the American one was special. We know that the world is full of female presidents. But the American one will obviously be extra special. She will be the one to help us forget, for a few minutes, all the talk of the War on Terror and war in general.

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Just before she starts “her own wars”, and right after storing or reusing the ones of her pacifist predecessor. I presume this is how the 2016 presidential electoral campaign will end. There had been some, even among the liberal Europeans who, for a few weeks, had hopes that the socialist Bernie Sanders would clip her wings. But that was an illusion. The liberals, European and American, did not understand that he wouldn’t camouflage anything. Even he himself didn’t get it and kept on pushing. He still had hopes that Mailgate would sink Mrs. Clinton. He underestimated the power of the elite who give the orders –OR– who run the show. What do you expect them to do? Convene a meeting with an investigating magistrate to quietly explain to him that America’s interest is not a subject of discussion?  And no, there is nothing more patriotic than the Supreme Court, or the CIA and the FBI. As such, the well-mannered Americans judging Hillary concluded, quite predictably, that the future president of the empire, although a bit careless, did not endanger the security of the nation. So they gave her an unhindered path to the presidency.

Therefore, all that one needed to do was read or reread “Empire” by the late Gore Vidal to understand what the outcome would be.  First of all because the empire will never be able, not even during its remaining years, to elect a socialist president, not even a socialist president like Sanders. Empire and any form of socialism are antonyms. The empire has erased that word from the dictionary. Allowing it to exist only to talk about “social” things, as in related to search engines.  So what did Sanders have to do with America? Nothing. Indeed, they got him out of the way.

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Metaphorically speaking. It now remains to be seen if Donald Trump will succeed in his intentions to stand up to her. The battle is on. And ending it will not be possible, not even with the endorsement of Barack Obama, who ran to help out the choking Democratic Party. Trump’s deep electorate, in every sense of the word, knows nothing about electoral technology. They’ve been the first victims of it for two centuries. The thought might cross their mind to create one of their own. And in that case, we’d find ourselves facing a fresh, new America. We might not like it, but it certainly wouldn’t be worse than what’s coming our way after this second camouflage job.