Hillary Clinton Will Feel The Bern As Occupy DNC Plans A March Of 8 – 10 Million Bernie Sanders Supporters In Philly

Hillary Clinton will soon be feeling the Bern in the form of millions of Bernie Sanders supporters bent on shaping history. They are fighting for a history with President Sanders and without another President Clinton.

Millions of angry protesters will descend on Philadelphia, PA ahead of the convention to attempt to sway superdelegates. Trained in nonviolent protests, they plan an Occupy-style protest for the length of the convention. Organizers predict Millions will attend. Many media outlets are predicting a smaller number in the tens of thousands. This figure, reported on Facebook, accounts for just one of dozens of groups participating.

Bernie Sanders supporters have become more galvanized against Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party after the Guccifer 2.0 hack revealed the DNC’s May 2015 plan to elect “HRC” with no mention of other democratic candidates.

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