Half of Greeks not satisfied with Gov’t measures against pandemic

November 12, 2020

Half of Greeks are not satisfied the the measures the government has taken to contain the “aggressive spread” of the coronavirus and the majority of them believes that the measures were taken with delay.

In a public opinion poll conducted by ALCO on behalf of Open TV on November 6-11, 2020.

52% of respondents said they are not satisfied, while 43% said they are satisfied.

In a question whether the Greek government took measures in time in order to deal with the second wave of the pandemic, 65% said the measures were taken with delay and 30% said “in time”.

Regarding the lockdown, 72% of respondents said that it was necessary and 22% considers it as “exaggerated.”

To the question: Are you satisfied with the measures the government has taken to deal with the pandemic 52% said NO and 43% said YES

Map below to compare with May (end of 1. lockdown) September (opening of schools) October (measures taken locally) November (lockdown, night curfew, masks in-outdoors, Covid-19 test for tourists)

Yes marked green, No marked red, Don’t known/Don’t answer marked grey.

The public opinion survey was conducted among 1000 people and at the time the Civil Protection announced the extension of night curfew already from 9:00 p.m.

On Thursday, Greece hit a triple record with 50 deaths in 24 hours, 3316 new cases and current intubations at 310 that brings hospitals especially in northern Greece at breaking point.

4,394 news infections in the last 7 days. Thessaloniki leads in daily cases, although in lockdown since November 3.

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