Haaretz on Zemmour. They know better…

Eric Zemmour Isn’t France’s Donald Trump. He’s Far Worse

By Robert Zaretsky
Oct. 25, 2021

He is a diminutive man with towering ambitions that, though he has yet to make an official declaration, may run in France’s presidential election next year.

Remarkably, perhaps tragically, the racist bilge of the French pundit Éric Zemmour, long sloshing about in the French media, has now spilled across its western counterparts. Over the past few weeks, they’ve “discovered” the Zemmour phenomenon, with accounts, analyses and interviews in papers ranging from the New York Times to Die Zeit, and the Times to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Should we, then, really discuss Zemmour some more? Some critics insist we ought not. To write about him, no matter how critical the perspective, gives Zemmour what he most craves: attention. Moreover, as we already learned five years ago with Donald Trump’s campaign, a media frenzy is not cost-free: it functions as fuel for his movement.

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