Greece: Government’s credibility in free fall

Metron population survey: ND government lost 5 points in 1 month

Mar 22, 2024

Metron’s analysis documented the loss of Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ New Democracy in the poll featured in Mega’s main broadcast, and also loudly declared the losses the party suffered due to the process of apportioning responsibility for the Tempi tragedy.

This poll is a serious blow to the government and to Mitsotakis personally, as he demonstrates for the first time a significant decline in support government, refuting Mitsotakis’s narrative of his complete hegemony in power.

Also for the first time, “Nobody” becomes the most popular prime minister. The political climate in the country is still far from pre-election – according to a survey, interest in the European elections remains at a relatively low level just 80 days before the vote, and this is not what New Democracy wants to see, as many believe that the ruling party will lose in the elections itself there will be even more parties.

According to the survey results, New Democracy lost 5.1 points in the vote estimate over the month.


In particular, in voting intentions the ND has a share of 24.6% (the previous measurement in February was 28.5%), and the popularity of the Prime Minister is declining, positive opinions about him are limited to 39%. It is characteristic that the leader of the Communist Party of Greece D. Koutsoumpas has more positive ratings than the Prime Minister. At the same time, when counting votes, the New Democracy (ND) party gains 31.4% (previous February measurement – 36.5%).

However, New Democracy maintains its lead over Syriza, which is regaining its position with 15.1% (up from 13.3% in the February poll). In voting intentions, SYRIZA gains 11.8% (from 10.4% in the February poll).

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Rating of votes:

  • ND 31.4%
  • SYRIZA 15.1%
  • PASOK 13%
  • KKE 10.1%
  • Σπαρτιάτες (Spartans) 2%
  • Ελληνική Λύση(Greek solution) 9.7%
  • Νίκη(Victory) 3.2%
  • Πλεύση Ελευθερίας (Freedom Sail) 4.3%
  • MePA25 1.9%
  • Νέα Αριστερά (New Left) 3.0%
  • Φωνή Λογικής (Voice of Reason) 2.4%
  • Δημοκράτες (Democrats) 1%
  • Other 2.9%.

The government’s decline in performance is reflected in the voting intention question: ND fell to 24.6%, SYRIZA rose slightly to 11.8% to regain second place, and PASOK retreated to 10.2%. KKE (7.9%) and Greek Solution (7.6%) are also growing.

The poll records an almost overwhelming public response to the process of bringing justice to the Tempe rail tragedy, with 88% answering “no” when asked whether what the judicial and political system has done about it has been effective.


This is a horizontal reaction of society, beyond ideological positions, as the survey results show. In particular, the share of those who say the country is moving in the wrong direction is rising (66%), while the share of those who are generally satisfied has dropped to 29%.


There remains a very high level of dissatisfaction with the effectiveness of the fight against crime, as well as the high cost, which remains the biggest problem according to citizens. Worst of all government works in areas such as crime, the fight against natural disasters, corruption and inflation.


The best thing the government is doing well with its involvement tourism, digital transformation of the state, defense of the country and Greek-Turkish relations.


The government’s ratings fell the most in areas such as civil rights protection, infrastructure, Greek-Turkish relations, foreign policy and defense.

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Bad news for the government on inflation – 72% negative impressions, and on the problem of crime – 77%, compared to 73% in the previous survey.


Positive opinions about the government fell from 35% in February to 30% in March, reflecting growing dissatisfaction with the government. However, the attitude towards the “shadow” government of SYRIZA remains very low: only 10% of positive opinions.

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