Greece: Curtailing fundamental rights, using agents – provocateurs to dissolve peaceful demonstrations

Government, Opposition Clash over Bill to Curb Demonstrations in Greece

As the vote for the bill to regulate demonstrations is about to go up for a vote in the Greek Parliament Thursday, there continue to be fierce reactions from the opposition, unions and other sectors of society.
Greece’s public sector employees union ADEDY walked off their jobs on Wednesday, protesting the bill on public demonstrations by accusing the government of using a 1971 junta decree which restricted the right of assembly.
The Greek Communist Party workers Union PAME, along with other leftist unions, are also organizing demonstrations in the center of Athens to take place on Thursday evening.

Police fires tear-gas at protesters against bill to curtail public gatherings rights

July 9, 2020
Tear-gas and sound flares, chasing and bulling, stones and molotov cocktail bombs. The protest against the bill that limits rights to public gatherings started peacefully but soon turned downtown Athens into a battlefield on Thursday evening.
With main slogans “No tolerance to the their plans,” and “the bill remains on paper,” the huge demonstration started at the Athens University.
The clashes reportedly started when a students’ group tried to break the police chain. Riot police fired chemicals, tear-gas and sound flares. Then a group of people wearing hoods launched an attack with stones and fire bombs and hurled them at police.

Violence Breaks Out at Protest Against Bill to Regulate Demonstrations in Greece

Police clashed with demonstrators outside the Greek parliament building on Thursday evening as lawmakers approved a bill which aims to regulate demonstrations.
A group of protesters hurled Molotov cocktails at riot police while police responded with tear gas and flash grenades.
Around 10,000 peaceful protesters had gathered in central Athens, most supporting PAME, the union backed by the Greek Communist Party.
A separate group of several dozen youths was involved in the violence, which sent other demonstrators, including families with young children, scrambling to move away from the clouds of tear gas.

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