Gov’t grants inviolability to Experts Committee investigating the train tragedy

Mar 31, 2023

In a last-minute amendment, ruling New Democracy granted inviolability to the Experts Committee investigating the deadly train collision that cost the lives of 57 people on February 28.

The amendment was part of a broader bill concerning ,among others also “support measures for the victims’ relatives and survivors” of the train collision.

According to the government regulation, the president and its members “are not responsible, are not prosecuted and are not examined for an opinion they expressed, or a vote they gave in the exercise of their duties, in the context of the operation of the committee.”

The bill was accepted by a majority of ND MPs, PASOK-KINAL voted in favor of its principle, while the KKE and MeRA25 voted against and the Greek Solution declared “present”.  The bill articles for the support measures were approved by an overwhelming majority as all the parties including SYRIZA voted for them, except the KKE which declared “present”.

In the wake of such a profound loss of life, the imperative to ensure thorough investigation while safeguarding the integrity of the process becomes paramount. However, amidst the legal intricacies, there arises a need for vigilant oversight and support to navigate the nuances of such sensitive inquiries.

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Protecting the Experts Committee

The amendment provides that “the president and the members of the committee of experts for the investigation and highlighting of the systemic problems and malfunctions in relation to the train accident of Tempe on February 28, 2023, which was established and formed with the sub no. 71651/6.3.2023 decision of the General Secretary of Transport of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, exercise their duties independently and impartially.

They do not accept instructions and suggestions, they are not responsible, they are not prosecuted and they are not examined for the opinion they expressed and the vote they gave in the exercise of their duties in the context of the operation of the aforementioned committee, unless they acted with malice.”

In the same regulation it is provided that “if the chairman and the members of the committee are prosecuted for acts or omissions in the performance of their duties, after approval of a relevant request by the Secretary General of Transport of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, their legal support and representation may is assigned to an official of the legal council of the state, following a decision of the president of the legal council of the state, you are a lawyer of their choice, whose fee is paid by the State in accordance with paragraph four of article 29 of law 4831/2021.”

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