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Election officials ban German Communist Party from running candidates

By Uli Brockmeyer
Jul 9, 2021
BERLIN—A committee of the German parliament responsible for preparing the election scheduled for Sept. 26 decided on Thursday not to allow the German Communist Party (DKP) to run for office. The Federal Election Committee of the German Bundestag, which includes representatives of the extreme right-wing “Alternative for Germany,” ruled that candidates of the DKP will not appear on ballots anywhere in the country. The committee used the late submission of accounts as a pretext for its ban on the Communists.
The leadership of the DKP learned about the decision only through press reports. The Federal Election Commissioner apparently did not even consider it necessary to inform the party, which has democratically-elected representatives in several cities and towns. Only an inquiry by DKP chairman Patrik Köbele brought to light that the committee claimed delivery of the party’s accounting reports had been delayed.
The actions of the Federal Election Committee present a very serious problem for the DKP—beyond just the upcoming election. With this ban on participation in the September vote, the DKP is also threatened with possibly having its status as a legal political party revoked.
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German Communist Party vows to fight electoral ban

Jul 9, 2021
THE German Communist Party (DKP) vowed today to challenge a ban on it standing candidates in September’s federal elections for the first time since the DKP was founded in 1968.
Party chairman Patrik Kobele believes that the decision by Germany’s Federal Election Committee, which decides which minor parties can contest national polls, was politically motivated.
“We are convinced that this attempt to ban us [from the election] will fail,” he said, confirming that the DKP was preparing a legal challenge.
|In 2017, the DKP won some 11,500 votes, far short of the total required to gain a seat in the Bundestag.
The Federal Election Commissioner Georg Thiel said the party had been excluded from the election for failing to submit the required paperwork on time.
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