Gaza: An enormous concentration camp

Gaza’s Healthcare Crisis: A Call for International Assistance

Oct 8, 2023

With a healthcare system on the brink of collapse, the Gaza Strip is facing a crisis of epic proportions. The region’s health situation is alarmingly dire, exacerbated by a lack of medical supplies, equipment, and facilities. Patients are finding it increasingly difficult to access necessary treatment, and the ongoing conflict coupled with limited humanitarian aid only compounds the crisis.

A Healthcare System Under Siege

The Palestinian Red Crescent has painted a bleak picture of the health situation in Gaza. The healthcare system is overwhelmed, with medical staff facing barriers to access and professional development. Israeli permits restrict access for Palestinian patients, leading to delays, denials, and patients often having to travel unaccompanied or without the necessary approvals. Furthermore, medical supplies are often denied entry, leaving hospitals and clinics ill-equipped to treat patients.

The Impact of Blockade and Conflict

The 15-year blockade has had a profound impact on living conditions and health in the region. The recent Israeli bombardment has brought Gaza’s healthcare system to its knees. Hospitals are overwhelmed and running out of vital medicines and supplies. The blockade and repeated military assaults have severely weakened the health infrastructure, already struggling due to socioeconomic decline and ongoing conflict. This has resulted in damaged or destroyed hospitals and clinics, medical personnel have been killed, and patients face barriers to accessing care. The lack of electricity and fuel further exacerbates the crisis, as hospitals rely on backup generators to continue operating.

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Gaza plunges into darkness as power lines from Israel fail

Oct 7, 2023

A total power blackout engulfed all provinces of the besieged Gaza Strip tonight due to the ongoing Israeli aggression on the coastal enclave since the early morning hours of today. The Israeli aggression has claimed the lives of 198 Palestinians, the majority of them civilians.

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WAFA correspondent said all of the Gaza Strip have gone into complete darkness due to the failure of all power lines that supply electricity from Israel.

Gaza already relies on a single power generation station with an output capacity of approximately 60 megawatts, with just 4 hours of power supply provided to each home per day.

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Gaza: Everything you need to know about the besieged Palestinian enclave

Gaza Strip, home to 2.1 million people, has been under an Israeli-imposed land, sea and air blockade since 2006

Oct 7, 2023

Palestinian fighters from the besieged Gaza Strip launched an unprecedented assault on Israel on Saturday, firing several rockets into southern and central Israel, while others broke through the barrier fence between Gaza and Israel.

Palestinian fighters were filmed walking on foot in areas such as Sderot, while there were also reports of some using paragliders to enter Israel.

Mohammad Deif, the leader of Hamas’s military wing, said the assault was launched in response to Israel’s continued aggression on Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque.

“Every day, the occupation forces raid our villages and towns and cities, all along the West Bank,” Deif said.

“They [Israeli forces] consistently assault our women, the elderly, children and [the] youth; and prevent our people from praying in the Al-Aqsa Mosque while allowing groups of Jews to desecrate the mosque with daily incursions,” he added.

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