France municipal elections: Greens score gains in second round

29 June 2020

France’s Green party and its left-wing allies have made significant gains in the second round of local elections.

Lyon, Strasbourg, Bordeaux and Besançon all voted for the party on a bad night for President Emmanuel Macron.

His centrist LREM party, which has less support at local level than nationally, failed to win in any major city.

Voters were required to wear face masks under continuing measures to stop the spread of coronavirus and turnout hit a record low.

Only roughly 40% of the electorate took part in the poll on Sunday. An Élysée palace official said Mr Macron had expressed “concern” about the low numbers.

The first round of municipal elections was held two days before the government declared a lockdown on 17 March.

The second round, which was due a week later, was postponed until the last Sunday of June.