FRANCE IN FLAMES: Rioters torch cars in FOURTH night of violence on streets of Grenoble

By Harvey Gavin

Dramatic pictures show flaming vehicles on their roofs in the middle of a street. Riots earlier this week saw gangs of youths barricade roads and target police with fireworks and petrol bombs. At least 65 cars and a council building have been torched since the unrest began on Sunday, sparked by the death of two teenagers who were killed during a police chase.

Tensions have been running high in the eastern French city since the deaths of the pair, aged 17 and 19, who were reportedly riding a stolen scooter without helmets.

Officials said the two men were known to police for petty crime and were chased by a marked car with its emergency lights on.

They died after crashing into a bus. Prosecutors are treating the deaths as accidental.

However some residents in Grenoble’s Mistral district, where the two teenagers lived, blame police.