France has avoided a COVID-19 food shortage – but for how long?


Empty shelves and long queues outside supermarkets has got many shoppers concerned about whether they will have enough to eat as the COVID-19 lockdown continues.

But is the absence of pasta or eggs on the shelves due to short supply? Or is it panic-buying?

European governments have warned against hoarding food during the coronavirus crisis, and are now trying to reassure citizens. France’s finance minister, Bruno Lemaire, insists that the supply of food is guaranteed in the country.

“There has been no food shortage in France, and there will be no food shortages,” he said.

“That is the commitment we made [and is] kept thanks to the exceptional mobilisation of the entire food production chain. I think it is a source of pride for all of us to say that, in France, food safety is guaranteed even in times of crisis”.

The supply in staple foods does not seem to be at risk, but with the harvest season coming many farmers have warned they don’t have enough people to pick fruit and vegetables.