Tihange Nuclear Power Plant: Fear of a Meltdown

Distrust of the aging Tihange nuclear reactor in Belgium is growing. Across the border in Aachen, the largest anti-nuclear power movement since the 1980s has formed.

Von Christian Parth, Aachen, Germany

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The basement contains three weeks of supplies, including 15 cases of mineral water, canned soups, noodles and rice. Alice Hermens also shows off the emergency kit she has assembled in an IKEA box: protective suits, masks and iodine tablets. The Hermens family is well prepared for an emergency.

Should the sirens start howling and the Aachen region be plunged into chaos, Gereon Hermens will slip on a white protective suit in his office, pick up his three daughters from school and make his way home on foot. Before the water-pressure plummets, Alice Hermens will fill up the water tanks and bring the guinea pigs inside. Once everyone in the family is home, they plan to lock themselves in, turn on the radio to wait for instruction and hope that they survive the nuclear accident more or less unscathed.

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