Expert predicts far-right to win Austrian election

The independent but Green-backed candidate Alexander van der Bellen had narrowly beaten his opponent Norbert Hofer, from the far-right Freedom Party, in May but the election was recalled after a court found discrepancies in the counting of votes.

Nearly a month before Austrians once again take to the polls a survey commissioned by the Kurier newspaper and carried out by researchers OGM found that the majority of Austrians (55%) agreed that the election re-run was “justified”.

Ninety-one of respondents were either “very certain” (75%) or “nearly certain” (16%) they would vote in the second round.

According to the head of OGM Wolfgang Bachmayer, swing voters will play a deciding role.

“Swing voters are still 15 percent undecided about who to vote for. And six percent want to vote for the other candidate,” said Head of OGM Wolfgang Bachmayer.

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