Dutch referendum destabilises Europe!

Dutch Vote on EU-Ukraine Deal Could Send Ripples Through Europe

On Wednesday, Netherlands will vote to support or reject EU’s association agreement with Ukraine, a pact that deepens economic and political ties with the former Soviet republic and is already ratified by the EU’s 27 other member states…

Although the referendum is nonbinding, EU officials fear that a rejection by Dutch voters could send ripples through the continent and represent a victory for Russia, which has long tried to scuttle the agreement. The pact, provisionally applied by Brussels since mid-2014, removes export tariffs between Ukraine and the EU

The initial aim of this pact was, in the beginning, to make impossible for Ukraine to participate in the “Eurasian” integration project, of which was a part. When the then President Yanukovich, corrupt and desperately bureaucratic, as so many others, but, still, legally elected, decided to backtrack on the pact, fearful of its consequences on economic relations of Ukraine with Russia, he was overthrown by a revolt followed by a coup in Kiev, which led to war in the East of Ukraine and to the return to Cold War in all Europe.

Neocon leading cadre Victoria Nuland, acting in her “capacity”, as US assistant Secretary of State, orchestrated personally the overthrow of Yanuckovich. She was even distributing
in person sandwiches to the Maidan Square (Kiev) demonstrators. Her phrase (“fuck the EU”) remained notorious as an example of “radical” US diplomacy.

Now, the aim of the pact is to preserve as a minimum the illusion, or, as a maximum lay the bases for a future accession of Ukraine into the EU. This is considered necessary to stabilize a little bit the very pro-NATO, rather NATO regime in Kiev, notorious for its public links with Neonazists and block for ever any future possibility of rapprochement and peace between Russia and Ukraine.

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“If the Dutch vote no, Europe will have a problem,” European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said in a speech in The Hague last month, expressing once more the deep democratic beliefs of him and of his colleagues in Brussels. And he added “That problem is destabilization.”

The Commission and most of the European governments are allergic to the very idea that European citizens have any kind of saying in their decisions. Maybe, some observers believe, it is high time for the Commission to go one step further, introducing legislation to forbid any referendums in the continent. Probably, also, they should forbid participation to the elections of anyone who has not proven he is fundamentally lawful to the principles of the financial system (including the tax-evasion European paradises) and, of course, to the Atlantic Alliance, which is the only serious and responsible institution to shape the foreign and defense policy of European “states” and their Union.

Dutch voters overwhelmingly reject agreement with Ukraine: poll
The poll, conducted by the Dutch public broadcaster’s program EenVandaag, is the first barometer on the April 6 vote. It found that over 50 percent of voters “are certain” to reject the Ukraine agreement, while another quarter of respondents said they’ll “likely” reject the deal.
Over half of respondents also said they will certainly cast a ballot, while another 17 percent said they’d “most likely” vote. The threshold for the referendum to be taken into account is a turnout of 30 percent.

Juncker warns Dutch voters over major consequence of Ukraine referendum