Cyprus Greens, clandestine spraying and the new situation in the US

By Wayne Hall

The Cyprus Greens are the only Green party in the world to have taken seriously, and taken up, at leadership level, the issue of the clandestine global chemical spraying that is dismissed by the political system and the mainstream media as “chemtrails conspiracy theory”. The story of the campaign in Greece and Cyprus that culminated in last year’s related discussion in Cyprus’ House of Representatives is told here:

In the new situation created by the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president, it is worth pointing out that, internationally, activists against the clandestine spraying are divided into two camps: those who agree with Trump that “anthropogenic global warming/climate change is a hoax” and those who, like the American activist Dane Wigington and his site Geoengineering Watch (and like the Cyprus Greens) dispute this assertion.

In his pre-election campaigning Donald Trump promised to withdraw the United States from last year’s Paris Climate Agreement. To celebrate this, and celebrate Trump’s election victory, climate change sceptic (and anti-spraying activist) G. Edward Griffin has programmed a conference of anthropogenic climate change sceptics for early December in Phoenix, Arizona. Griffin invited Geoengineering Watch to attend the conference and Dane Wigington has so far declined the invitation.

This is Griffin’s view of the situation:

This is Wigington’s:

And this is the Cyprus Greens’:

15th November 2016  –     Statement

On the spraying – again  

We wish to share our unease at the new instances of intense chemical spraying which are obviously related to geoengineering experiments or climate manipulation programmes. Our local offices have been receiving very many complaints lately from citizens observing this phenomenon in the sky.

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It has in any case been well-known for years that, together with the international mobilization for reduction of the industrial pollution that is responsible for climate change, the geoengineering theory is being elaborated in certain scientific centres in the United States of American, Britain and elsewhere.

Geoengineering has to do specifically with intervention in the climatological conditions with the assistance of technology. The most recent, for the last twenty years, version of geoengineering speaks of the development of techniques for reducing the impact on the earth’s climate of the increase in greenhouse gases. In the context of geoengineering various schemes are being promoted, such as for example the well-known scheme for aerial spraying with microparticles of aluminium and barium, which appears in the sky as suspicious trails from aerial spraying, better known as “chemtrails”. According to the “Guardian”, the CIA and NASA have already funded relevant research and the University of Cambridge regularly holds seminars on the subject.

Although, in the past, initiatives have been taken in the Parliament by our movement, requesting information on the phenomena that are to be seen in the sky over Cyprus, convincing answers have never been received.

Even last year’s commitment by the Minister for Agricultural Development and Environment Mr. N. Kouyialis to conduct a reliable independent study has not been kept.

Cyprus Greens – Citizens Cooperation