Corbyn says Labour would back remain in Brexit referendum

Email to members stops short of setting out party’s stance in event of early general election

Jeremy Corbyn has sought to draw a line under Labour’s Brexit travails by announcing a “settled” policy of backing remain in any referendum called on a Conservative deal.

The Labour leader has been under intense pressure to shift to an overtly anti-Brexit stance, but has insisted on consulting the party’s stakeholders in recent weeks, including the trade unions.

In a statement emailed to party members on Tuesday, Corbyn made no reference to what stance Labour would take in the event of a general election in the near future, or whether Labour could enter such a contest saying it would still go ahead with leaving the European Union.

But he made clear that if a referendum was called on the Brexit deal negotiated by the incoming Conservative prime minister – or on whether to go ahead with a no-deal Brexit – Labour would support remain.