Corbyn on Brexit and EU

Corbyn: We can define our future beyond the EU

Labour to seek market access but on terms that allow its radical manifesto to be realised

LEAVING the European Union does not spell doom for Britain, with funds “returned from Brussels” potentially being invested in public services and jobs, Jeremy Corbyn will say today.
In a major speech in Coventry to cement Labour’s vision for Brexit, he will argue that the EU is neither the saviour nor source of Britain’s problems.
The future of the country after it enters the two-year transition period in March next year is “what we make of it together,” he is expected to say.


Labour mounts pressure on May

Britain should stay in a customs union with the European Union even after it leaves the bloc, opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn said on Feb. 26, setting up a possible parliamentary defeat for Prime Minister Theresa May.
As May tries to strike a divorce deal with the European Union by October, she faces a rebellion by a small group of pro-Europeans inside her Conservative Party that Labour Party leader Corbyn hopes to use to undermine her authority.
May has ruled out any customs union with the EU after Brexit because it would prevent Britain from striking new trade deals with fast-growing economies including as China and India.

Pro-EU Tory faction to join Labour on Brexit in threat to May

Europhiles refuse to budge after Corbyn unveils plan to stay in customs union

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YOU’VE CAPITULATED! Labour faithful accuse Corbyn of cowering to EU and Remain pressure

LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for “full tariff-free” access to the EU customs union in a major Brexit speech this morning, leading to criticism from within his own party over his CAPITULATION over Brexit.

By David Dawkins

Labour councillor and general secretary of Labour Leave, Brendan Chilton tweeted this morning that, “there is nothing Socialist, Internationalist or Labour about a Customs Union protecting the richest part of the world against developing economies, third world producers and fair trade opportunities.”
Speaking to he said he was dismayed by Mr Corbyn’s U-turn and accused him of “continuing to punish the world’s poorest.

Corbyn’s Path to Power via Brexit

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s long-awaited Brexit speech on Monday spells trouble for Theresa May, and could lead to a rewrite of the U.K’s Brexit policy.
Corbyn is expected to follow the calls of his senior colleagues and declare himself in favor of keeping the customs union. He’s been notably cagier than Labour Brexit spokesman Keir Starmer, who said on Sunday that the party leadership was unanimous in its desire to stay in the trading setup. But if Corbyn does take that stance, the stage would be set for a showdown in Parliament, where a rebellion by a small number of pro-Europeans in May’s Conservative Party could derail her strategy.

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