Communist KKE unfurls banners on Acropolis to protest Greece-USA Defense Agreement

May 12, 2022

Greece’s Communist party KKE unfurled two banners over one of the walls of the Acropolis of Athens early Thursday morning.

Written in Greek and in English, the banners read: “No to war. No to involvement. No to the bases of death.”

KKE has always called US military bases as “bases of death.”

The protest move comes on the day of the ratification of the Mutual Defense Cooperation Agreement between Greece and the United States in the Parliament later on Thursday.

On the website of the KKE-affiliated 902 FM, the communist party said that “With this slogan and the red flags framing the banners, the members of the KKE send a clear message: On the same day that the government brings to the Parliament the ratification of the Greek-American Agreement on military bases, they call on the people to fight for its annulment. strengthen the struggle against any involvement and participation of the country in the imperialist slaughterhouses.”

In a parallel action, the local branch of KKE in Patras opened a banner on the breakwater of the old port reading “No to the Greek-American agreement for the bases. NATO Go. No involvement of the country in the war.”

A few members climbed on the breakwater and waving KKE flags and chanting slogans they called on citizens to oppose the USA and the NATO.

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