Colombia Refuses To Donate Russian Weaponery To Ukraine

“I prefer that such old Russian weapons remain as scrap on Colombian land rather than using them to promote the armed conflict in Ukraine,” the Colombian President insisted. 

Jan 25, 2023

On Tuesday, Colombia’s President Gustavo Petro rejected the stance assumed by the U.S. Southern Command Head Gen. Laura Richardson, who suggested that this Latin American country donate Russian weapons to Ukraine.

“I prefer the old Russian weapons remain as scrap on Colombian land rather than give them to Ukraine,” Petro stated, highlighting that his country’s constitution forbids the promotion of armed conflicts.

A few years ago, Colombia bought Russian military material, which currently has operating problems due to the lack of spare parts.

Taking advantage of this situation, Richardson said that Latin American countries would have facilities to acquire modern U.S. weapons if they donated Russian equipment to Ukraine.

“No Russian weapon bought by Colombia will be used in the armed conflict in Ukraine,” Petro insisted and suggested that Latin America should demand peace instead of militarily supporting the NATO-backed Ukrainian army.

On Monday, European Union (EU) Foreign Affairs Ministers agreed to allocate over US$540 million to ship arms to Ukraine. With this new “contribution,” the EU has so far destinated almost US$4 billion to provide Kyiv with lethal material.

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