Castro was ‘champion of social justice’ despite flaws, says Corbyn

By Jamie Doward

Fidel Castro’s stubborn defiance of the US struck a chord with many oppressed people in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, who saw parallels between Cuba’s struggle and their own.

But he also inspired many on the left of British politics, for what he achieved both domestically and abroad, notably in the struggle to overthrow South Africa’s apartheid regime. On Saturday at the annual Latin America conference, which took place at the TUC’s Congress House, a minute’s silence was observed. The former Respect MP George Galloway spoke of Castro’s legacy after tweeting a picture of himself with the late Cuban leader and declaring: “You were the greatest man I ever met Comandante Fidel. You were the man of the century. Hasta la Victoria Siempre. Orden. RIP.”

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