No to the reopening of schools! Build action committees to safeguard children and teachers!

Statement by the Socialist Equality Party (UK)
30 May 2020
The Socialist Equality Party opposes the Conservative government’s plan to reopen primary schools from June 1 in England. We call on teachers, school staff and parents to form action committees to protect the safety and wellbeing of students and staff threatened by the coronavirus pandemic.
The “phased” return of school children, beginning with those in nurseries, reception, year 1 and year 6, is a criminal policy that places children, teachers, families, and communities open to the risk of serious illness and death.
The reopening of schools has nothing to do with genuine concern for the education and wellbeing of children. Teachers, children and even toddlers are being sent into unsafe environments that will become a breeding ground for COVID-19. The youngest and least able to follow safety measures are being packed off to school first as the lynchpin of the government’s “back to work” drive. Schools are being treated as little more than holding pens so that millions of parents can be sent to work in non-essential industries.
The inevitable result of the Johnson government’s reckless move will be a sharp spike in infections and deaths from the coronavirus.

British schools are re-opening – and parents aren’t happy about it

By Alice TideyAbout half of English pupils allowed to return to schools on Monday are expected to do so with headteachers warning that those most in need of education will be the least likely to receive it.
Nearly half of families — 46% — will keep their children at home on Monday, according to a new report by the National Foundation or Educational Research (NFER).
School leaders warned that the share reaches 50% for pupils who receive free school meals — a poverty indication — and that “this raises the concerns that pupils most in need of access to education will be least likely to receive it”.
The UK government’s move to begin reopening schools in England from Monday (June 1) has sparked fierce debate in the country with teachers’ unions warning it may not be safe and parents refusing to send their children back.

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Coronavirus: Don’t open schools on June 1, experts tell UK government

By Alessio Dellanna  & APReopening UK schools on June 1 is too early, according to UK’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE).
A two-week postponement would instead “halve” the health risk to children and also “allow greater time to set up an effective test, trace and isolate programme in all areas”, the independent governmental advisory body said.
SAGE outlined its proposal in a draft report published on Friday, May 22.
The report also says that local innovation is required to provide educational opportunities for all children, with suggestions including requisitioning of community facilities, sports clubs, school playing fields, and football stadiums for use by schools.

Israel: Health Ministry reportedly mulling re-shuttering high schools

The Health Ministry is warning it could shut down high schools if there are more outbreaks, Channel 12 news reports.
Twenty-one schools around the country have already sent some or all students and staff into quarantine because of confirmed cases being discovered in the school.
Though there have been a sprinkling of cases in lower grades as well, shutting elementary and middle schools is not currently being considered.