British Generals: They like crimes like the Iraq War and Libya bombing, they hate Corbyn!

Marxist Corbyn is the greatest security threat to the Nato alliance, says TIM NEWARK

As world leaders gather in Britain this week to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Nato, it is not US President Trump or even French President Macron that is the greatest security threat to its survival but Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

With his rampant anti-Americanism, his anti-nuclear stance and his sympathy towards Western enemies, including radical Islamists, if Corbyn ever got into power he would wreck our transatlantic alliance. Just yesterday, leading military figures, including a former chief of the general staff, called on all party leaders to “reassure the British people of their firm commitment to strengthening Nato.” The problem for Corbyn is that his Marxist philosophy is implacably opposed to it.

When asked if he considered Nato our most successful military alliance, Corbyn replied: “I’m not sure I would define it as that.”

Further fence-sitting came when asked about backing our nuclear deterrent. “My view is that we have nuclear weapons”, he answered blandly then admitted his “aspiration of a nuclear-free world”.

When the French President called Nato “brain-dead”, Corbyn said Macron was “right to press the case for a change of direction in Nato.”

It’s hardly a ringing endorsement and when the going gets tough the Labour leader has been shown to prevaricate and side with anyone but Britain and her strongest allies.

This weekend five top military commanders cited recent examples of his failure in the face of international tension.


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