Big Pharma’s Tested ‘Secret Bioweapon Program to Target Slavic DNA’ in Mariupol

Feb 13, 2024

It is no surprise the city of Mariupol became the destination of choice for Big Pharma’s tests on psychiatric ward patients as such testing is forbidden in Western countries, experts told Sputnik.

Major Western pharmaceutical companies tested rheumatological drugs on patients, including infants, in a psychiatric ward of a hospital in the city of Mariupol alongside Ukrainian officials for several years, according to documents obtained by Sputnik.

The tests were carried out when Mariupol was under Kiev’s jurisdiction – until May 2022, when Russia seized control of the city.

Russia’s release of documents exposing major pharmaceutical companies in America and beyond “confirms not only the existence of a secret bioweapon program targeting Slavic-DNA, but explains why the West in general has become so pathologically obsessed with trying to keep Ukraine in the NATO-EU-US orbit of influence,” Scott Bennett, a former US Army psychological warfare officer and US state department counterterrorism analyst, told Sputnik.

“The large network of pharmaceutical and medical research and development companies involved show a constellation of connecting points that lead back into the heart of the City of London, the United States, and their secret intelligence proxies, mercenaries, and slaves willing to sell out their own country, Ukraine, for ‘30 pieces of silver,’ with the face of America on the coin,” Bennett pointed out.

He said that the accidental discovery of the documents in a basement of a building re-captured by Russian forces in Mariupol is “just the beginning of a trail of evidence that will most likely lead through the dark and misery-filled world between 2008 to 2019 when Ukrainians and Russians were used as human experiments to explore just how malevolent, hysterical, paranoid, delusional, and psychotic the human person can be manipulated, medicated, and surgically altered into being.”

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The ex-State Department counterterrorism analyst suggested that the purpose of the tests “was to construct exactly the types of mercenaries or soldiers who would torture women and children sadistically, cut out body organs from friends, and wage a war of terror without any of the hesitations of morality, religion, social custom, or mystical taboos clouding the darkened mind of the human experiments listed in these documents.”

When asked why Mariupol was picked for the tests, Bennett said it was “the perfect place to conduct this medical experimentalizing because people in the city area could be easily trapped, captured, imprisoned, and experimented on with the cries of terror and screams of pain at the suffering of these experiments being hidden in the deep basements underground.”

Dwelling on possible legal repercussions for Big Pharma companies, the former US Army psychological warfare officer said that the Russian ambassador to the UN “should summon an emergency meeting and add to the body of already submitted evidence this recent discovery of the medical experiments that were being done by the West for the development of bioweapons and soldiers for war, and other pharmaceutical enrichment.”

Although the information will certainly “be shouted down as propaganda by the Biden administration minions warming seats in the UN, the documents, signatures and people who made them are the living proof of new crimes against humanity that must be presented to the world for judgment,” according to Bennett.

He argued that the documents “first speak to the history of the West, and what they were planning,” especially in 2008, when “the original ‘Global Viral Forecasting Institute’ (before changing its name to ‘Metabiota’) was established by President Biden, funded by Rosemont-Seneca using [POTUS’ son] Hunter Biden and others connected to Senator Mitt Romney and former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.”

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“This was one of the centerpieces of the West’s agenda to use and abuse Ukraine by performing bio-warfare experimentation on Ukrainian soil because it had been outlawed in America and the West in general. This was also one of the reasons why then Vice President Biden had threatened to withhold billions of dollars from Ukraine unless a prosecutor who had been investigating this corruption was terminated. Victoria Nuland, the architect of the [2014 Maidan] coup d’etat against Kiev, had used the CIA, Georgian mercenaries, and American politicians like John McCain and Lindsey Graham and others to cultivate a revolutionary atmosphere in Kiev. She was also the first person to openly admit to Senator Marco Rubio that the US had bioweapons, pharmaceutical companies, and massive experiments being conducted in the dark basements of blood-soaked buildings in Ukraine,” Bennett noted.

He expressed confidence that all those responsible will be brought to justice, stressing: “Although time has passed and the screams of these people experimented on have faded, […] the blood of these Ukrainians still cries out for vengeance and redemption and justice from the ground in these buildings and in the computer records of these companies. Hopefully, Russia will grant it to them, because the world sadly seems incapable of such courage.”

The analyst was partly echoed by William Jones, the former Washington Bureau chief of executive intelligence review and a non-resident fellow of the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University, who said that given the lack of Kiev forces’ success on the battlefield and the refusal to compromise, “there is every reason to believe that such research could be used offensively, as weapons.”

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“The same control mechanism that works could, without a problem, conduct experiments that would not be permitted on their own populations. The Ukrainians have no government to protect them from this,” Jones concluded.

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