Bella Ciao: Palestinians Exhibit Solidarity with Italy in Bethlehem Rally

In a display of solidarity with Italy, which is reeling under the effects of the deadly Coronavirus, COVID-19 disease, Palestinian soldiers raised Italian flags during a parade in the occupied Palestinian city of Bethlehem on Sunday.

Bethlehem is considered the epicenter of the Coronavirus in Palestine.

The gesture was one of many expressions of solidarity that were also displayed by Palestinians on social media.

The historic ties between the Palestinian and the Italian people go back many years, especially as both nations have laid revolutionary wars against foreign occupation and oppressive regimes.

Last February, Palestinian singer Walaa Battat released her latest song ‘Deal Ciao’ (Bella Ciao cover).

The song is inspired by the resistance hymn of the anti-fascist Partisan movement in Italy. ‘Deal Ciao’ is the latest artistic expression to reject the Donald Trump administration Deal of the Century.

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