Backlash against holiday consumerism targets Black Friday

There is a growing movement encouraging people to shop responsibly and to consider the impact that bargain-hunting and online shopping have on the environment.

Black Friday protests at Amazon warehouses in England

29 November 2019
A union has held protests outside Amazon warehouses to coincide with the Black Friday sales.
GMB members gathered in Sheffield, Rugeley and Peterborough. Amazon said no workers had been involved in the protests.
The union said the protests came after “more than 600 ambulance call-outs” to Amazon warehouses in three years.
Amazon said “self-interested critics, particularly unions” had “a vested interest in spreading misinformation”.
Amazon said the protests involved “a total of 30 external, pro-union people” at a small number of its 50 UK sites.

Black Friday backlash: Protests against Amazon erupt across France

29 November 2019
Activists across France have staged Black Friday protests against Amazon, decrying consumerism and its impact on the environment.
Dozens of protesters gathered outside the company’s French headquarters in Clichy, north of Paris.
Protesters also tried to blockade a shopping centre in Paris and a logistics centre near the eastern city of Lyon.
In video from Lyon riot police can be seen dragging activists away.
The protests aimed to disrupt Black Friday, a discount shopping day that activists have blamed for environmental damage.
In response, Amazon told the BBC it respected the right to protest but disagreed with “the actions of these individuals”.

France’s ‘Block Friday’ protests challenge Black Friday consumerist bonanza

Environmental activists in France have blocked an Amazon warehouse near the capital aris in one of several anti-Black Friday protests. Opposition to the post-Thanksgiving sales bonanza is growing and a group of French lawmakers are pushing to ban it altogether.
Several dozen activists from Attac and Greenpeace gathered at Amazon headquarters in Clichy near Paris Friday morning to protest the environmental damage they say is caused by rampant consumerism during “Black Friday” sales.
“Amazon produces as many greenhouse gases as a State,” said Jean-François Julliard, head of Greenpeace France.
Meanwhile, across France regional groups plan to put up festive roadblocks and leaflet stores and shoppers.

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