Angry residents of flood-stricken Palamas go against Regional Governor (video)

Sep 9, 2023

Αngry residents in the town of Palamas booed, verbally attacked and threw bottles of water at the regional governor of Thessaly Kostas Agorastos when he visited the flood-stricken town on Saturday.

According to local media, Agorastos arrived at a center of the municipality and was initially verbally attacked by citizens.

The tension then rose and several people moved threateningly against him.

In the video below a woman is heard shouting “So it right! He deserves that!”

A part of the citizens tried to restrain the others who also threw some objects and bottles of water.

A police force arrived at the scene and protected the regional governor leave the area.

Locals blame the regional governor for failure of appropriate anti-flooding works after Medicane Ianos in September 2020 that had also flooded the plain of Thessaly in 2021, despite of state funding worth over half a billion euros.

Locals said that they will sue all those responsible for the failed measures that destroyed houses, livestock, agriculture and infrastructure in Palamas, not to mention the human lives as evacuations are still ongoing and waters have not recede to reveal the total impact of the floods.

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