An Update from Venezuela

March 24, 2019

January 10, January 23, February 23… and the March 8 to 12 electrical blackout. Those dates are key to understanding the slow-moving, US-supported coup in Venezuela. After these episodes, some contend that the attempt has been defeated, but those of us on the ground in Venezuela know that, while we may have a few weeks of “rest” and “peace” coming up (or not!), the US sanctions on the Caribbean nation’s oil industry are going to have a devastating effect on the country. Venezuela’s economy is highly vulnerable to the White House’s “blockade” measures due to its dependent economy: not only are these unilateral policies going to impact revenue  with effects on the importation of foods, medicines and other basic goods  but gasoline, which Venezuela imports, is going to become scarce in the next couple of months. As you may imagine, that will create a critical situation in a highly urban society.

Last week, the US imposed new sanctions on Venezuela. Some of these, like US Treasury imposed sanctions against the Venezuelan Economic and Social Development Bank (BANDES), are more symbolic, whereas others, such as the sanctions against Venezuela’s state mining company Minerven, will have a wider effect on an economy that is becoming more and more extractivist.

Beyond informing about the sanctions, VA did other reporting that we highly recommend. First and foremost, in our monthly collaboration with the sisters and brothers of Tatuy TV, we encourage you to watch the seven-minute video What’s Going on in Venezuela? Chronicle of a Failed Intervention. It’s a brilliant synthesis of the major political events in this stormy 2019.

Among the opinion pieces last week, you should not miss Lucas Koerner’s Democrats and Death Squads in Venezuela, which examines the Democratic establishment’s lockstep march behind Trump’s coup attempt in Venezuela. Also, VA’s Ricardo Vaz published a thorough review of Chavista feminist action in the month of March, which you can read here.

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Finally, we recommend three interviews. First, an interview with Vijay Prashad addresses internationalism and the defense of Venezuela. Second, we bring you an interview with university professor Livia Vargas, examining Venezuela’s Caracazo thirty years after the event, which marked a turning point in the country’s recent history. Lastly, don’t miss an interview with writer and former minister Reinaldo Iturriza calling on the international left to place itself firmly with the grassroots struggles of the Venezuelan people.

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