Alternate Labour Minister Antonopoulou resigns after outrage over state paying her rent

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has accepted the resignation of Alternate Labour Minister Rania Antonopoulou, after news reports revealed that the state was fully subsidising, legally, the rent for her Kolonaki flat.

According to earlier leaks from the prime minister’s office, Alexis Tsipras had contacted Antonopoulou, to express his consternation over her receiving a 1,000 euro monthly rent subsidy from the state, based on a law that was initially intended to assist provincial MPs who did not own an Athens residence.

The subsidy was not granted automatically. She had to apply for it. The applications was approved by officials in the finance ministry and her own ministry.

“I do not consider it proper that you availed yourself of this legal provision. I await your response,” Tsipras was quoted as saying.