Already decimated by “Creditors” and the Troika, Greek NHS is collapsing

Greece: 1707 new coronavirus cases, 69 deaths, 681 patients in intubation

March 22, 2021
Greece’s health authorities announced on Monday, 1707 new coronavirus cases with much fewer tests due to Sunday. New negative records: positivity at 12.13percent, 69 deaths in past 24 hours and 681 Covid-19 patients in intubation.
Death toll has reached 7,531. Total confirmed infections since the begin of the pandemic a year ago: 238,830.
The health Ministry proceeded with the requisition of private doctors’ services in Attica as the pressure in hospitals remains high.
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Greece forcibly enlists private doctors as hospitals on verge of Covid-collapse

March 22, 2021
Greece’s health minister ordered on Monday morning the requisitioning of private sector doctors’ services in the region of wider Athens region with the aim to help the public hospitals cope with the surge of coronavirus infections. The order affects pneumonologists, pathologists and general practitioners.
Among the criteria for the requisition are that doctors are below 60 years old and have contacts with national health care service EOPPY. The forcibly enlisting will allow doctors to keep their private offices and will grant them 2,000 euros tax-free.
The requisition order is for one month.
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A Dangerously Erratic Management of the Pandemic

March 9, 2021
One year since the breakout of the pandemic we find ourselves at the same, if not at worse, point, than when it started. Those in government insist to act without taking essential measures, rebuffing their responsibilities, and constantly blame the lay citizens.
The measures they have adopted are:

  1. The continuous weakening of the primary health care system despite many, including the MCCH, have noted from the first instant the need to reinforce it in order to cope with covid-19 in its birth and at home, avoiding the influx of all corona cases to the hospitals.
  2. The erratic implementation of lockdowns without taking basic measures to restrict its spread in spaces with high transmission risk, like working places and public transport during peak hours.
  3. The continuous scaremongering and blaming of the lay citizens through the mass media, which exercise a paralyzing pressure in our society constituting it vulnerable, while they conceal the shortcomings of the state apparatus in dealing with the pandemic.
  4. Betting for a solution to the problem merely to vaccination, without any essential care for those already suffering by covid-19, whose fate is left to the heroic efforts of poorly equipped, helpless, and exhausted front line hospital staff.
  5. The increase of covid-19 care units at the expense of those intended for other ill health cases, with tragic consequences for patients with serious diseases. As result, in the last few days more and more patients are calling the MCCH asking for a doctor and/or medical examination. We are heading towards a health bomb with a dramatic increase in morbidity and mortality in the general population.
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