African Overview

African Overview is a column in that contributes to fill the informative vacuum on that continent and a bet to strengthen the circulation of South-South information.

In this edition we bring information about Nigeria and Somalia.

Nigeria in crisis due to drop in the oil price

The most populated country of Africa (187 million inhabitants) ceased to be the leading economy in the continent, and was displaced by South Africa. In addition, in the past months it has lost terrain as an oil exporter, dropping to the second place, after Angola.

This is a consequence of a strong crisis, caused by the drop in the price of crude oil, inflation, insecurity, humanitarian issues and electric problems.


Somalia is the worst country in the world for children

Last week the report “Analysis of the situation of children in Somalia, 2016” was released by UNICEF. The figures show that the situation in this African country is alarming.

According to the document, this territory is one of the less safe countries in the planet for children, who only last year suffered more than 2 thousand serious violations.

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