Abbas: I Met Trump’s Envoys 20 Times and Still Don’t Understand Their Peace Plan

Palestinian president tells Israeli lawmakers ‘there’s chaos in the administration,’ says envoys expressed support for two-state solution and oppose settlements but won’t say so publicly to Netanyahu

By Barak Ravid

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas told a delegation from the left-wing Meretz party that he does not understand the conduct of the Trump administration when it comes to the Israel-Palestinian issue.

Abbas noted that in meetings with envoys representing U.S. President Donald Trump in recent weeks, he heard that they support a two-state solution to the conflict and a settlement construction freeze. However, the Palestinian president said they are refusing to say so publicly and to present Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with such a position as an American demand.

“I have met with Trump envoys about 20 times since the beginning of his term as president of the United States,” Abbas said according to notes taken by some of the meeting’s participants.